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What kind of garlic is the best in China

After the evaluation, these 4 kinds of garlic flavor is strong, which one do you like most?

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As the saying goes: Garlic is a treasure, eat regularly for good health. It has a history of more than 2000 years since it was introduced into China in the Han dynasty.

Garlic can be used as seasoning to enhance the flavor of food, but also anti-inflammatory antivirus. At the same time it can also be made into garlic paste, sugar garlic, canned garlic, eating in a variety of ways.

For people who love to eat garlic, eating without garlic, their amount of each meal is reduced into half, and for people who hate garlic would feel unbearable for the pungent taste.

But when it comes to eating garlic, the first thing that comes to mind is this scene: in the northern countryside, there is a bowl of hot lo mein on the table. An unpretentious villager sits at the table with garlic in his left hand, the right hand picks up the noodles with the chopsticks to stir the dish, a mouthful of noodles a mouthful of garlic, that eats really calls a“Cool”!

What does garlic taste like? If you think that garlic has only one spicy taste, you are mistaken. In fact, garlic has a strong and light flavor, and its aroma and aftertaste are different.

What does garlic taste like

So which garlic is the best in the country?

China normal white garlic
China pure white garlic

 Today, we will take you to learm, after netizens compared the country’s most delicious 4 origins of spicy and garlicky ones. See is your hometown included?

1. Jinxiang, Shandong Province - white garlic

Jinxiang, Shandong Province – white garlic

As anyone who loves garlic knows, Chinese garlic see Shandong, Shandong garlic see Jinxiang.

Jinxiang County is the main garlic-growing area in Shandong province. The white garlic here is especially delicious. At the same time, it is also the famous “Hometown of garlic” in China. Garlic has been cultivated here for more than 2,000 years.

Jinxiang’s smooth terrain, rich groundwater resources, moisture-retaining soil, and four distinct seasons make it a perfect place to grow garlic.

Taste of Jinxiang white garlic: the modified white garlic is big, juicy, fresh, spicy, crispy and delicious. It is not easy to disperse, and it is also storable and nutritious. Jinxiang, Jining’s white garlic is grown and exported to 16 countries and regions, accounting for 70% of the country’s total garlic exports.It’s deservedly No.1 species in export volume to overseas countries.


2. Pizhou, Jiangsu province —— Selenium-enriched garlic

selenium-rich garlic china supplier

There are many famous delicacies in Jiangsu province. Selenium-rich white garlic is one of them. The selenium-enriched garlic grown in Pizhou is so tasty and nutritious that it has become a popular business card in the province.

The selenium-rich garlic in Pizhou is so delicious because of the local environment. There is plenty of sunshine and rainfall, especially in the yellow sandy soil, which is rich in selenium and rich in micro nutrient, it has a good effect for the body.

The selenium-enriched garlic in Pizhou province is white garlic. It is large in size and abundant in yield. Its diameter can be more than 6cm. It is very crispy in the mouth, tasting delicious and is a kind of garlic that can’t be missed. 

3. Zhongmou, Henan Province —— Purple garlic

purple-skinned garlic.

But you are a person who likes to eat spicy garlic, then Henan zhongmou purple garlic is a very suitable choice. Henan zhongmou, known as the“Hometown of vegetables”, is home to purple-skinned garlic. 

Zhongmou is near to the Yellow River. It has a good natural climate and unique sandy soil. The soil here is a mixture of sub-sandy soil and black silt. It is rich in minerals, so it is suitable for growing all kinds of agricultural products.

Henan Zhongmou purple garlic tastes spicy, especially suitable for flavoring, generally eaten after cooked. Medium height, hard texture with less garlic cloves, but contains high levels of anthocyanins.

4. Yulin Garlic fragrance

If you ask Guangxi people how the local garlic taste, the locals will be proud to tell you: Yulin Garlic fragrance floating a million! Garlic is not grown in the same way as other garlic crops. The most common type of garlic is grown in dry soil, but garlic in Yulin is grown in the local paddy fields, where the soil is rich in nutrients, the garlic grown in Yulin is also delicious because of the relatively high level of management of the local farmers.

The name fragrant garlic is mainly due to its distinctive flavor. Its unique spicy flavor is particularly strong, and the garlic flesh is juicy and crispy. It tastes great whether it’s cooked or eaten raw. 

fragrant garlic china supplier

What’s the best garlic in the country? I believe that you have been very clear after reading the introduction. Our country’s Shandong white garlic, Jiangsu selenium garlic, Henan purple garlic, Guangxi fragrant garlic, the four origins of garlic are very good. Garlic lover friends, do not you know what kind of garlic you like to eat most?

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