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  • It is well known that Onion is one of the most used ingredient in the world. It is scientifically known as Allium Cepa.
  •  The dehydrated chopped onions are currently in use in all sorts of industries and food ventures. It is found to be used widely in restaurants, pharmaceutical industries and food manufacturing units.
  • It ranks third in the world production of major vegetables and the most important ingredient of the various cuisines.
One of the major benefits of Onion is that it doesn’t require refrigeration and has a lot a of medical uses as well. It contains antioxidants which prevent heart diseases and consumption of it helps in better blood circulation.


  • In restaurants all around the world, variety of onions in the form of dehydrated onion, fresh onions, onion powder etc. are used. The most prominent chefs have acknowledged that the onion has a unique flavour; it’s being used as chaser for odours in the kitchen, as
    well as providing a unique flavour and texture.
  • Dehydrated chopped onion can be used in a variety of meals, including seafood, East- Asian, and western dishes, although the amount utilized varies depending on the dish to be served.
  • For instance, it is commonly used in Arab nations, particularly Egypt, where a popular cuisine based on the use of dehydrated onion is known as “Koshary,” the most prominent of Egypt’s common meals, where dehydrated onion is being used in the cooking and prepping of this dish.
  • The dehydrated onion is then put into the oil till it gets a distinct yellow color and is then served with the meal. It is also used in many countries such as Italy where it is used to cook dishes like Italian styled omelet.
  • For making the dish chopped onions are sauté in the oil and then pepper and spices are added to it. After this eggs are added to it along with some slices of olives. Conclusively, it can be said that there is no country which does not uses chopped onion in their food.
  • Apart from fresh onions, dehydrated onions are used by such restaurants where customers do not like onion slices on their dishes. Since dehydrated onion is not specifically visible to the bare eyes of the customer, they do not complain


  • Dehydrated onions also find its uses in food manufacturing units. It is used at a wide scale in manufacturing of chips and instant noodles such as ‘the endomie’.
  • And not to forget about the drug and pharmaceutical industries, where they use all sorts of onions worm materials, which is specifically used for the production of medicines for curing cancer, sexual weakness and other diseases.


  • Use of dehydrated chopped onions is not just limited to restaurants and food industry but is also used as a basic element in daily households. It is utterly difficult to find a house where onions are not used.
  • Chopped onions are generally used for making cuisines and there are certain recipes in which chopped onion is pre-requisite ingredient such as soup, cooked meat etc.

Given below are certain ways by which chopped onions can be preserved:

1. To save large amounts of onion they can be stored to ensure longer preservation. They can be kept either mined or in the form of whole grains.

2. It is necessary to use a wooden spoon for balanced mixing and safety. Then such onion can be used in suitable quantities in plastic bags matching our daily needs. It is necessary to ensure that the bags are air-tight, it will not only preserve the onions but also prevent
the freezer from its smell.

3. The preferred way for conserving dehydrated onion is to keep it at a dry place away from sunlight ensuring that it is placed in an airtight box. This would prevent the smell of onions from spreading in the area.

4. This procedure makes cooking easy. One does not have to undergo peeling and chopping every time they cook.

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