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The slowdown of the Middle East’s production of a wide variety of garlic and having to leave Egypt and its suppliers to ensure that demand is being achieved, has resulted in extreme adjustments in supply and pricing.
Garlicspices has not failed in ensuring the top-notch quality service of dried garlic flakes production, maintaining a hygienic environment, and stern protocols that need to be followed to produce the perfect effectiveness and flavor as well as the best affordable price range in the market!

What are dehydrated garlic flakes?

They are dried out, smaller flaky bits of garlic that are a bit higher in the price range because it is not toned down with salt as most other garlic products are. Garlic normally has this overpowering scent and spicy flavor which is preserved in all sorts of products made of garlic.  The importance of garlic and its use comes from ancient days where garlic flakes were utilized in several ways such as medicine, herbs, and food.

What is the use of dried garlic flakes? What is the optimal price for dehydrated garlic flakes?

Dried garlic flakes are supposed to be used in foods like casseroles, curry, etc. that require cooking them slowly to completely bring out the potent yet subtle flavor of garlic flakes.

Dehydrated garlic flakes are generally more costly than most varieties of garlic products because of their unique pungent properties.
In addition, because of the irregular supply and high demand for dehydrated garlic flakes around the Middle East, the price range ends up being drastically high or inaccessible for the average percentage of the economy.

Garlicspices luckily offers the highest quality of fresh garlic products that ensures the strong yet delicate aromatic flavor with a regular efficient supply and the most affordable prices in Egypt. 

What benefits are there to consuming garlic flakes? 

Garlic is generally known for improving the immune system and for fighting against bacteria and yeast infections. The nature of garlic flakes allows it to preserve the many beneficial aspects of consuming garlic like the ability to remove waste and toxins from our lymphatic system and blood circulation.
Garlic comprises 1.1 milligrams of iron which can aid in increasing your iron intake by consuming 2 tablespoons of dried out garlic, which is said to be 6% of the daily recommended intake for women and 14% for men. It is also a great natural ingredient to help with high cholesterol levels, heart conditions and diseases, cardiac arrest, high blood pressure, and atherosclerosis.

Garlicspices offers the best quality and quantity of dehydrated garlic flakes and garlic products which is guaranteed to meet with the growing demand of customers.

Which recipes can garlic flakes be used in? 

The versatility of garlic flakes allows it to be used in an extensive range of recipes that need the fragrant aspect and powerful flavor of garlic flakes such as burgers, stir-fries, mushroom soup, slow-cooked chicken with chili or salsa, Pico de Gallo, different sauces for pizza, tomato rice soup, tomato salads and as a garnish for soups, etc.

Garlic flakes are commonly priced remarkably high in the Egyptian market particularly because of the demand for garlic products. Garlicspices strives to maintain the best quality for garlic products with the efficient and best technology and affordability in Egypt.

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