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Dry Chaotian Chilli pods,  Dry Pepper pods, 5000-30000 shu for sale

Dry Chaotian Chilli pods also called chile pepper, dried chilli peppers pods, or chilli in short, is a dried or dehydrated form of fresh chilli.

Both versions are widely used in many cuisines to add spiciness to dishes.
Compared with fresh chilli, dried chilli is not only a way to preserve their flavor, but to provide a more distinctive taste when used in a totally different way.

We can supply a widely species of chilli pepper with different spicy degree, like Yidu, Chaotian, Jinta and American Red.

We also make Dry Chaotian Chilli pods into chili crushed.

 Name  Dry Chaotian Chilli pods, Pepper Pods
 Color  Natural red
 Particle Size
 4-8cm up
 Flavor  Typical of Chilli, free of other smell
 Hot Degree   5000-30000 shu
 Foreign Material   Negative
 Impurity  0.3% Max
  Dry washed or water washed
 Moisture  16% max
 Quality   No Speckle, No Mould, No Aflation, No Ochratoxin, No Salmonela
 SO2  30ppm max
 Ash  7% max
 Standard Plate Count  300,000cfu/g max
 E.Coli  3mpn/g
 Shelf life  2 years

1. Inner packing: 50kg/pressed bag ; 20kg/poly woven bag; 5lb/bag x 6/ctn; 20kg/p.p bag x 5 pressed packing or other packing
2. Outer packing: 25KG carton or 50LB Paper Kraft Bag
3. Loading: 12ton/20fcl, 20ton/40fcl.
4. Delivery time: within 15-30 working days after get the deposit. 

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