Project Description

Dried minced onion are smaller bits sizing from 1-3mm & 2-4 mm.

Minced Onion dried can be an ideal substitute of fresh onion which is easy to store and release the flavor faster than fresh onion when absorbed water.

  • Size : 8-16,16-26,16-40,20-40 mesh.
  • Place of Origin: Gansu, China
  • Color: White, red, yellow
  • Flavor: Strong Onion Smell
  • Packing : 12.5kg x 2 Aluminum foil bag/Carton
  • Quality: Grade A, B, C

They can also labeled into a classification of 8-16, 16-26, 16-40, 20-40 mesh.

We also supply onion slice, onion kibbled

 Name  Dehydrated Onion Minced, Dry Onion Minced
 Color  Natural white or yellowish, no obvious dark spots
 Particle Size
  8-16,16-26,16-40, 20-40 mesh.
 Flavor  Typical of Onion, free of other smell
 Foreign Material   Negative
 Moisture  8% max
 SO2  30ppm max
 Ash  6% max
 Mould and Yeast
 100cfu/g max
 Standard Plate Count  20,000cfu/g max
 Total Coliforms  100mpn/g
 E.Coli  3mpn/g
 15ppb max
 Salmonella  Negative/25g
 Shelf life  2 years

1. Inner packing: 12.5kg x 2 Alumiun foil bag/carton
2. Outer packing: 25KG carton or 50LB Paper Kraft Bag
3. Loading: 17.5ton/20’ FCL. 22.5ton/40′ FCL
4. Delivery time: within 15-30 working days after get the deposit.


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