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Chopped garlic is widely used for its pungent garlic flavor and aroma as a seasoning or condiment.

  • High-quality raw material: All raw fresh garlic are Premium quality Garlic that comes from our own planting base. Sustainable development is the pathway to the future.
  • Pesticide inspection: The incoming garlic bulbs need a fast pesticide inspection. So it’s quality will be safeguarded safety maximum. To keep the body in good health is a duty.
  • Advanced facility: There are following several major steps – Split peeling, Rinsing, Drying, Slicing, Steam Sterilizing, Selecting and Metal Detecting. Then, you will get high quality chopped garlic. In addition, Dried minced garlic, granulated garlic and garlic powder will come together.

What usage of dehydrated Chopped garlic

Chopped garlic contains the same nutrition as fresh garlic.  At the same time, it gives your same pungent flavor. Dried garlic is a tasty additive. The chopped garlic is vastly used in multiple food recipes – stir-fries, soups, sauces, dressings, gravy and dips. What garlic is to food, insanity is to art. Garlic is one of the best medicinal treasures of the past era. One study showed that garlic can help lower blood pressure.

Could you supply Organic dehydrated chopped garlic?

Organic chopped garlic is a popular seasoning in the USA market. Conventional dehydrated garlic is our main products. Now, we also supply organic garlic. There are including organic garlic powder and organic chopped garlic. Of course, you also can find organic granulated garlic and organic minced garlic. What kind of dehydrated garlic you would like to buy?

How long to prepare one container’s chopped garlic?

It is about 15-30 days to prepare one container. And one container can load 17 tons. If you have special demands, please do contact us. Quality is our focus goal. We will be your good partner with expanding and growing your business. Every great business is built on friendship. Click Here to learn more

 Name  Dried Chopped Garlic
 Color  Natural white or yellowish, no obvious dark spots
Partical Size
 5-8 Mesh
 Flavor  Typical of garlic, free of other smell
 Foreign Material  None
 Moisture  6% max
 SO2  30ppm max
 Ash  3.30% max
 Mould and Yeast
 100cfu/g max
 Standard Plate Count  300,000cfu/g max
 Total Coliforms  100mpn/g
 E.Coli  3mpn/g
 Salmonella  Negative/25g
 Shelf life  2 years

1. Inner packing: Aluminum foil bag * 2 (12.5kg/bag)
2. Outer packing: 25KG carton
3. Loading: 13.0MT/20’FCL, please view our loading container.
4. Delivery time: within 15-30 working days after get the deposit. 


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