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Production process of dehydrated garlic flakes and garlic powder

Peeling and cutting the stems of fresh garlic: cut off the garlic stems from the qualified garlic heads, and peel them with a peeling machine to obtain garlic cloves.
Cut the peels and peel the fresh garlic
Manual sorting of garlic rice
Manually sort garlic after peeling garlic

Garlic slices: Wash the garlic with water to remove the dirt, rinse off the film, and then slice it in a slicer with water, the slice thickness is about 1.5 mm, and slice it while flushing.

Garlic slices
Rinse garlic slices

Garlic flakes rinsing: Put the cut garlic flakes into the clean water tank and rinse with running water to remove the mucus and sugar on the scales and the surface of the garlic flakes. Generally, rinse 2 to 4 times.

Water spin: Use a centrifuge to spin dry the surface of the garlic flakes, about 2 minutes.

dry the surface moisture of garlic slices
After spreading and sieving, put the garlic slices in the drying room to dry

Put it into the drying rack: spread the sieve evenly and not too thick. After spreading and sieving, put the garlic flakes in a drying room for drying. The temperature of the drying tunnel is about 65 ℃, and generally bake for 5 to 6 hours to reduce the moisture to 4% to 4.5%.

Send to drying room for drying
Send to drying room for drying
The dried garlic slices are sealed and packaged after inspection

The dried garlic flakes are sealed and packaged after inspection

Garlic powder processing: pulverize dried garlic flakes to obtain garlic powder.

Garlic powder is obtained after crushing garlic slices
Processed garlic powder

Processed garlic powder

Packaging: Seal the garlic powder after inspection, and keep the moisture content below 6% during packaging.
After garlic powder inspection, the moisture content of the sealed package shall be controlled below 6%.

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