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Huniu Apple

Fresh Chinese origin fruit delicious huaniu apple

The shape is conical with clear and smooth. And the five edges are apparent.
The index of the fruit shape is 0.9-1.0.The color is so bright that show fresh red & dark red.
The surface is presented to the red sheet and strip. The coloring intensity is 90-100%.
The flesh is cream, dense & crisp. The juice is honey sweet, spicy, fragrant and good taste.
So the huaniu” apple is the one of local specialty in Tianshui as the good quality.
It was awarded the Geographical Indications Protection Production” by SACS in 2007. products.
Huaniu apple is contained in sugars,organic acids,fiber,vitamins,minerals, polyphenols and flavonoids and nutrients,
The experts called it asA full range of healthy fruit.” Since decades of carefully orchestrated,
Huaniu Apple already has significant brand, base and market advantages,
It’s as famous as the snake apple of USA & Japanese Fuji apple that be as the three world brand by foreign experts and marketers

huaniu apple
china huaniu apple for sale
China huaniu apple factory

China National Geographic Indication Product 

 Famous Apple Brand 

•   Natural flavour juicy and crisp

•   Smooth skin, full juice, sweet, and perfect quality

•   Good color, size uniformity, with high vitamin


Product name  Huaniu apple
Place of origin  Tianshui,Gansu
Appearance  fresh red & dark red, bright and smooth face


  no rusty spots, no wounds 

Supply period  From Sep to the end of June of next year


  Fresh season: August to October

  Cold storage season: October to June of next year

Harvest time   In September
Supply capacity yearly  30,000mts.
Size  24/28/32/36/40/44pcs packed in 10 Kilo cartons


  64/72/ 80/88/100/113/125/138/150/163 pcs           packed in 18 Kilo/20 Kilo cartons

Other Variety  Fuji apple,gala apple, golden delicious apple, Qinguan apple



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