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Horseradish granule

Horseradish Granule 16-26 mesh 25KG carton for sale

Horseradish granule is made from sound, mature, good quality Chinese horseradish.
  • Firstly, It needs to go through sorting, peeling, washing, slicing, Chopping and drying in our production facilities.
  • Then, All raw materials need to do on pesticide residue.
  • Finally, They need to pass over metal detectors to remove metallic contamination.
So you will get our best safeguard quality dehydrated Horseradish products. We can provide Horseradish granule 5 to 8mesh, 8 to 16 mesh,10 to 20 mesh, 20 to 40 mesh. If you can not find what you want, we also work under customers’ special specifications.
  1. Inner packing: Aluminum foil bag * 2 (12.5kg/bag) Outer packing: 25KG carton or 50LB Paper Kraft Bag 3. Loading: 11.0MT/20’FCL 4. Delivery time: within 15-30 working days after get the deposit.
 Name  Dehydrated Horseradish granule Flakes
 Color   Natural white or yellowish
 Particle Size   5-8mesh, 8-16mesh, 26-40mesh, 40-80mesh or as clients’ requirements
 Flavor  Typical of Horseradish
 Material   Pure natural horseradish (non GMO)
 Moisture  6% max
 SO2  30ppm max
 Ash  3.30% max
 Mould and Yeast  100cfu/g max
 Standard Plate Count  300,000cfu/g max
 Total Coliforms  100mpn/g
 E.Coli  3mpn/g
 Salmonella  Negative/25g
 Shelf life  2 years
dehydrated horseradish granules garlicspices.com
dehydrated horseradish granules garlicspices.com

Horseradish root powder can be used to add a spicy and pungent flavor to various dishes. Mix it into sauces, dressings, and marinades for a zesty kick, or sprinkle it over roasted meats and vegetables for added flavor. You can also blend it with mayonnaise or sour cream to create a flavorful dip, or incorporate it into homemade spice blends for a unique taste. Adjust the amount according to your preference for spiciness in your recipes.

Horseradish should be avoided or limited by individuals with GERD or sensitive digestive systems, as it can exacerbate symptoms. People with kidney issues should also moderate their intake, as horseradish may irritate the kidneys in large amounts. Pregnant women should consult healthcare providers before consuming horseradish due to limited research on its effects during pregnancy.

Horseradish is rich in antioxidants like glucosinolates, which may reduce inflammation and protect against cell damage. It is low in calories and fat, making it a healthy choice for flavoring dishes. However, use in moderation due to its strong flavor and potential for digestive irritation in large quantities.

To make horseradish granules, grate fresh horseradish root and spread it out on dehydrator trays or baking sheets. Dry it at 125°F (52°C) for 6-10 hours until completely dry. Grind the dried horseradish into granules using a spice grinder or mortar and pestle. Store the granules in a sealed container in a cool, dark place for use in cooking or seasoning. Adjust the grind to get the texture you want.

Horseradish granules can vary in size depending on the grinding process. They typically range from fine granules, around 0.5 millimeters, to coarse granules up to 2 millimeters in diameter. Adjust the grinding time and method to achieve your preferred granule size for cooking or seasoning.

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