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golden delicious apples

fuji apple export

Fresh good looking golden crisp delicious apples


Product name  Golden delicious apple
Place of origin  Shandong or Shaanxi
Appearance  Golden color, bright and smooth face


  no rusty spots, no wounds

Supply period  From Sep to the end of June of next year


  Fresh season: August to October

  Cold storage season: October to June of next year

Harvest time  In September
Supply capacity yearly  30,000mts.
Size  24/28/32/36/40/44pcs packed in 10 Kilo cartons


  64/72/ 80/88/100/113/125/138/150/163 pcs           packed in 18 Kilo/20 Kilo cartons

Other Variety 


Fuji Apple, Huaniu Apple , Gala Apple , Qinguan Apple

golden delicious apples

•       Natural flavour juicy and crisp

•       Smooth skin, full juice, sweet, and perfect quality

•       Good color, size uniformity, with high vitamin

The price of fresh golden delicious apple are the best and competitive in the whole market.
Our quotation for golden delicious apple is sure to make you satisfied. we guarantee the price can let you get more profits and create a win-win situation.
If you can find the lower price than us for the chinese red fresh golden delicious apple in our local market, we promise to beat the price of golden delicious apple.

The golden delicious apple are mainly exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, European, Russia and North America .
Welcome to visit and order from us. We also provide many kinds of fresh apple origin from China,
such as Fuji apple, huaniu apple, royal Gala apple, golden delicious apple, qinguan apple,
jiguan apple from July to next year’s April .Our fresh apples passed Global Gap certification and supply ability can reach 25,000 tons per year.

Fresh golden delicious apples

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