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dehydrated tomato flakes

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Dehydrated tomato factory


1.NAMEDried Tomato Flakes /  Dehydrated Tomato Flakes
2.ORGANOLEPTIC ANALYSIS a.Appearance:  dark red
 b.Flavour:    The characteristic flavour of tomato
 c.Texture:    Firm and tender
 d.Size:    9*9mm   6*6 3*3 1-3mm
3.FOREIGN MATTER  Absent in accordance with good manufacturing practice.
4.PHYSICAL APPEARENCE  Free from dead or life insects,droppings,sand,stone,defects etc
3Ash insoluble in acid≤0.5%
4SO2   ≤100PPM
1Total plate count ≤100000/gram
3Moulds and yeasts ≤2000/gram
4E. ColiNegative
5SalmonellaNegative in 25gram
6Staphylococci aureusNegative
Dehydrated tomato Flake factory
Dehydrated tomato Flake China Supplier
Dehydrated tomato Flake for sale
 packaging   Inner packaging–double plastic bags, outer packaging–cartons.


Powder use aluminium foil bag as inner packing.

 labeling   Product name-specification-lot number-net weight-date
 traceability   Traceability is guaranteed via the lot code, which is printed on each individual packing and which is repeated on the invoice/delivery note.
 shelf life   36 months as from date of production in closed original packing and prevailing correct storage conditions.
 transport and distribution   Transport has to be done by proper vehicles, allowed for food transport.
 storage   Store in a cool and dry warehouse, maximum ambient temperature 16 , maximum relative humidity 65% preferred.
 country of origion  China

Dehydrated tomato flakes should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to maintain flavor and shelf-life. Properly sealed containers or packaging help prevent moisture absorption and maintain quality over time.

Dehydrated tomato flakes are rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants like lycopene, and dietary fiber. They offer concentrated tomato flavor and nutrients, contributing to a healthy diet and enhancing the nutritional profile of dishes.

Dehydrated tomato flakes offer a more substantial texture compared to tomato paste or powder. They retain some of the natural fiber and bulk of fresh tomatoes, providing a chewier texture when rehydrated, whereas paste and powder are more concentrated forms of tomato flavor.

Dehydrated tomato flakes are used as a convenient ingredient in soups, stews, sauces, and seasoning mixes. They add tomato flavor and texture to dishes without the moisture content of fresh tomatoes, making them ideal for long shelf-life and easy storage.

Dehydrated tomato flakes are dried slices or pieces of tomatoes that have been processed to remove moisture while retaining flavor and nutrients. They are typically made by slicing ripe tomatoes, dehydrating them using methods like air drying or freeze-drying, and then cutting them into flakes.

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