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Dehydrated Carrot granule

Fast food Air Dehydrated Carrot Flake/Granules/Slices

China Dehydrated Carrot granule supplier



Apperance :

Flakes or Granules or Slices


Typical of carrot, no burning taste, no moldy taste


Sweet and natural, mild, typical of carrots


Bright, uniform reddish-orange, no marks of burning

Swelling ability:


Dehydrated Carrot granule
carrot granule for sale
Metal impurities:    None
Impurities:    None
Whole or partial insects at any stage of development:    None
Pb (mg/kg):    0.1
As (mg/kg):    0.3
Cd (mg/kg):    0.05
Hg (mg/kg):    0.02
Moisture (%):    <7% max
Pathogenic Bacterium:    <100,000 cfu /g
Coliforms:    <200 cfu/g
Aerobic mesophilic bacteria (cfu/g):    Max. 100 000
Yeasts and molds (cfu/g):    <500cfu/g
Salmonella (cfu/g):    Negative
Pathogenic Bacterium:    Negative
dried Carrot granule

Our dehydrated carrot has been prepared from sound, mature carrot that have been washed, peeled,  blanched, diced, dried, granulated and metal detected in accordance with good manufacturing practice.

Dehydrated Carrot granule for sale

Dried Vegetables are nutritious and easy to store, use, and take along.
Common uses: Camping food, backpacking food, survival food, snacks, and quick-and-easy home cooking.
Our dried vegetables are used in salads, vegetable trail mixes, soups, casseroles, and camping meals.

dehydrated carrot sale from China

The key steps to make dehydrated carrot granules include: preparing fresh carrots by peeling and thinly slicing them, optionally blanching to preserve color and texture, placing them in a food dehydrator set at 125°F to 135°F for 6 to 12 hours until completely dry. After cooling, process the slices into granules using a food processor or blender, then store in a sealed container for cooking purposes.

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