dehydrated paprika
dehydrated paprika

We process Dried Paprika as following:
1) Remove impurities and stone.
2) Manual Sorting.
3) Clear Washing.
4) Cutting off, drying.
5) Crushing and sieving.
6) Steam Sterilization.
7) Indicative sampled testing and quantitative packaging.
9) Formula calculation.
10) Testing of mixed powder indicators.
11) Finished product packaging.
12) Loading and shipment.

Where to find Dried Paprika in China? Our dehydrated paprika products are including Sweet paprika pods, Sweet paprika powder, and sweet paprika crushed. And which one you need?

Of course, we have other spices supply. If you don’t find what you need, then please contact us, and we will help you soon. Welcome to send an inquiry with us, and we always focus the quality and service for you.