dried onion

Dehydrated Onion

  1. Dehydrated Onion Kibbled
    Generally, these Red and white dehydrated onion flakes are available in standard size of 8-25 mm. Other Special cut sizes also available on request. Our products are assured to be clean and free from the skin.
  2. Dehydrated Onion Powder
    White and Red Dehydrated Onion Powder is available in standard size of 100 Mesh with A & B Grades, properly processed, pulverized with accurate mesh size and mixed with an Anti-caking agent to keep the product free from Lumps and cakes
  3. Dehydrated Minced Onion
    Red and white Minced Onion in sizes starting from 1-3 & 2-4 mm are usually termed as the minced onion. You can use them in soups, Dry and frozen foods, and other meat products.
  4. Dehydrated Onion Chopped
    Red and White Onion Cut pieces 3-5 & 5-7, 7-10 mm mainly known as CHOPPED and LARGE CHOPPED Onion with A, B and Commercial grades, free from Skin, uniformly cut sizes, accurately screened to give it a decent look.
  5. Dehydrated Onion Half Slices/Rings
    A very special Range of Dehydrated Onion slices, available in RINGS and HALF SLICES. Raw Material used to produce this particular product is of very high quality, well graded, well peeled, and uniformly sliced to get the perfection of Rings and Half Slices.

This product is free from any Impurities, and foreign matters, metal detected and well packed in a very proper manner to avoid breaking of the product. You can use it for dressing and garnishing of various food dishes.