dried ginger

Dehydrated ginger products series includes Ginger whole, Ginger flakes, Ginger Strips, Ginger granules and Ginger powder.

We can add Dehydrated Ginger into culinary & flavoring. Also, it is well known for its medical treatment effects.

There are many area Ginger planting in China. And the variety differs from north to south.

  • A strict selection of fresh ginger rhizomes
  • Spray with high-pressure water to remove the adhering impurities
  • Peeled both by machine and hand, washing and disinfection by flowing water, slicing, Mincing and drying, selecting and metal detecting,
  • Pack ginger flakes into cartons or seal them into polythene bags for further processing.

We can supply a wide variety of dehydrated ginger in various form. If you need ginger products, Please contact with us freely.