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Is it true that eating garlic can prevent new covid-19?

Eating Garlic Can Prevent New Covid -19

According to the Naturalis Historia, garlic was introduced to China during the Han Dynasty and has been around for thousands of years. In the past, garlic only played a small role on the table, but nowadays, epidemic prevention and control have changed the way people consume garlic.

Can eating garlic prevent new crown pneumonia?

According to a saying, eating garlic can prevent new crowns since garlic oil contains allicin, which is the main component of garlic oil.

There is an organic sulfide known as allicin which has a pungent odor and volatility and has a number of biological activities, including antioxidants, blood pressure, blood fat, anti-tumor, as well as the inhibition of bacteria, fungi, viruses, and parasites.

In addition, a study revealed that the bioactive sites of allicin and serine protease form hydrogen bonds, resulting in a reduction in the infection of novel coronaviruses and prevention of their spread. 

A controlled trial was also conducted on 197 patients with new coronaviruses, 97 of whom were treated with garlic essential oil and 100 with conventional treatment. Compared with patients treated conventionally, patients treated with garlic essential oil had shorter durations of symptoms, turned negative for nucleic acid tests earlier, and had improved symptoms on computed tomography (CT) scans.

garlic clove
garlic is an immunomodulator

However, it should be clear that the extracts used in the above studies are specific ingredients and have a certain gap compared to the garlic we usually eat in our mouths, and that eating garlic directly does not result in the same effect, and there may be problems with eating garlic blindly.

Despite the fact that garlic is an immunomodulator, there has been evidence that garlic-containing diets (raw or crushed garlic) affect immunity and enhance immunity in humans.

However, do not eat garlic frequently or in large quantities in order to prevent neointima; Currently, there is no definitive evidence that eating garlic directly prevents neointima in vivo or in clinical trials. Rather than obsessing over seasonings like onion, ginger, and garlic, it is better to wash your hands, ventilate regularly, and wear a mask properly.

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