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How to use dried garlic flakes?

Mushroom Condiment

Have you ever made soup from scratch? Sometimes you haven’t enough time, and therefore you can fiddle with tinned soup. Prepare your mushroom soup as usual then gently mixed it with dried garlic powder. It will change the soup from the ordinary to give it a good flavor

Easy Burger

Minced garlic blends well with fried beef. However, it mainly depends on the quality of the meat and the herbs in use. Put a piece of meat on a hot frying pan and sprinkle minced garlic. Turn it over after cooking half way and sprinkle garlic. When fully prepared serve with a toast or vegetables.

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How to use dried garlic flakes ?

Dried Flakes are dehydrated garlic pieces. They are large than Garlic Granules, and salt can’t easily dilute them. Use Garlic Flakes to release garlic flavor in liquid dishes. Such dishes include; Pizza, Easy Burger, Mushroom soup among others. Here is how to use dried garlic flakes.

Pizza garlic flakes recipe

After making Pizza, as usual, cover the malleable with tomato sauce. Then sprinkle the dried garlic flakes before you cover with dairy products or other toppings. The dried garlic flakes will slowly re-hydrate before you finish cooking.

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