The reason why you don’t like your garlic is that you don’t mince it well. If you want to mince your garlic well, kindly adhere to these steps.

  1.    Remove the end of the garlic bulb, then crush the bulb gently between your chopping board and the knife to make the papery skin loose. The skin automatically falls away from the garlic. will be your best dehydrated garlic supplier in china.

how to make minced garlic
Minced garlic supplier

2.  Using your two hands, run your knife over garlic several times to mince it. Lock your blade with one side and use the other one to press the knife down as you move it across the garlic heap.

3. To mince the chopped garlic to smooth paste sprinkle coarse grains of salt to help the garlic break down quickly.

4. Continue mincing the chopped garlic as you alternate with scrapping. Keep alternating blades on its sides and scrape hard over garlic to make smooth garlic paste. By the time you get here, your garlic will be well minced.