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How to make Garlic Powder?

How to make Garlic Powder

Do you wish to know how to make garlic powder? what is garlic powder?Garlic powder is the best and can’t be compared with the commercial version. It gives your dish a unique flavor. So here is how to make a sweet Garlic powder.

Dry your garlic

You can either use Oven or a dehydrator to dry your Garlic. Using a dehydrator set the temperature at 125 degrees. Give the garlic around 10 hours to dry after removing from the dehydrator check whether the garlic bits are brittle to the touch. If yes, they are dry. You can take them to the next step.

Grind your garlic

There are so many apparatus which you can use to grind your garlic. Using Mortar and pestle grind your chopped garlic to a fine powder. Gather and reground large chunks. For more exceptional powder crush the garlic for an extended period. Give the garlic 15 minutes to settle its fumes.

Blend your garlic powder

Blend your garlic powder with other powders such as chili powder or pepper flakes to make a subtle spice. The blended condiment is used on all kinds of food. You can now store your garlic powder in the airtight, dry container.

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