You should take the shortest time possible chopping your garlic to avoid oxidation which makes it bitter. The faster you chop, the more likely you will avoid the strong aroma which spreads after the chopping of the garlic. Follow these steps to chop your garlic safely.

  • After peeling your garlic clove, place the clove on the chopping with its flat side. Cut thin slices, and if the thickness of all the slices is nearly equal, the better for your cooking. If the slices are equal, you may quit chopping to use the slices in many recipes.
  • To further make more fine dice, continue chopping the slices. To do this, keep your fingers steady on the garlic with your thumb away from the blade. Using the other hand cut the garlic cloves to your desired sizes. Try those steps and have more garlic in your condiment.
How to chop garlic

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