After the incoming raw garlic bulbs passing a strict examination, their bottom roots are cut off and skin removed, the whole bulb was separated into single cloves, damaged or spoiled ones are picked out and impurities are cleared off, the rest are rinsed in running water with chlorine and after that later sliced into flakes.

Garlic flakes will be sunk again in the water for a second cleaning, then they are placed in the drainer and dryer under certain temperature and fixed time. So the garlic flakes come out.

The garlic flakes are fed into the separate machine for stone and impurity removal after they are out of the storehouse, manually picking out the defective ones with blackheads and rotten scars, and the majority qualified one is sterilized, rehydrated, color sorted for the preparation of further processing.

Next, the qualified garlic flakes are crushed and ground in a crusher and vibrating screen, then sieving into different specifications into feeder pipe. The garlic granules are magnetic separated and metal detected and finally packaged for warehousing storage or finished goods delivery.