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Garlic Market Trend Updating

China jining Garlic market sale
China jining Garlic market sale

Compared to the precipitous fall of garlic prices in the previous week,it started to turn back in the last two days.

On December 23, 2021, there is no new increase in selling pressure on the supply side today. Market sentiment has improved. Storers are selling at a high price.

Buyers in immediate need are still interested in inquiring about lower-priced sources.The activity of garlic trading in the warehouse has increased again,and the market turned from weak to fast. The price of cold storage garlic in Jinxiang and Qixian production areas rose steadily, with an increase of about two to three cents.

China fresh garlic
China fresh garlic

In the morning, garlic market in the warehouse of Jinxiang production area was stable and not fast. The supply of goods for sale in the warehouse maintained a large supply. Most of the stockers sold the goods along with the prevailing price. Some stockers were more resistant to the low giving price, and the immediate demand merchants were more picky in taking goods. The buying and selling activity in the production area is not high.

In the afternoon, the buying and selling atmosphere of in stock garlic in Jinxiang production area recovered again.

garlic farmer
garlic farmer

New selling pressure on the supply side is sporadic, and individual stockers have increased their willingness to stop selling and wait and see. Stockers have increased their confidence in prices compared to the morning, and sellers’ target selling prices have slightly increased.

In the afternoon, speculators’ inquiries for prices increased slightly, and trading transactions were still centered on rigid demand. Some merchants in the market were more enthusiastic to inquire about high-quality and low-priced sources than in the morning. Low-priced sources in production areas had smoother transactions. The mainstream transaction prices has a two to three cents rise.



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