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Following are the top 8 reasons why you should be using garlic and onion powder straightaway!

Additives such as artificial flavoring, monosodium glutamate, etc. tend to not only increase the cost of the final product but can also deteriorate your health! Artificial additives and salt can be easily substituted with natural spices like garlic powders, onions, and garlic flakes from suppliers in China

Rich in Fibers and low in sodium

Onion, garlic, and garlic flakes suppliers in China naturally dehydrate or dry out these ingredients and because everything is preserved for maximum optimization of benefits, no properties have perished and neither is anything added! Garlic and onion powder are much safer alternatives to salt and additives as they add much flavor to the dish and are additionally rich in fiber and low in sodium!

Adds delicious flavor to the dish and is low in fat and calories as well

Health-conscious people can easily add as much onion powder as they desire in their dishes without worrying about their diet, as one teaspoon of onion powder contains 8 calories and no fat at all!

Garlic reduces high blood pressure and is considered good for your heart

The intake of 600-1500 mg of garlic extract is proven very effective according to a study and is considered equal to the drug Atlenol for lowering high blood pressure.

Onion is very beneficial for middle-aged women who are concerned about menopause

Menopause causes a loss of bone mass due to drastic variations in hormones which makes women more prone to experiencing osteoporosis. Dried onion has the concentrated properties of calcium and magnesium which can tremendously bring an improvement in the overall health of women during menopause.

The richest source of healthy sulfur compounds are found in garlic powder

Sulfur compounds work as a cure or an antidote to the radioactive materials, heavy metals and artificial preservatives, environmental pollution, and chemical-based non-natural materials/drugs we are confronted with.

Onion Powder is great for the pancreas!

Onion comprises the element chromium which aids the cells in the pancreas to react to insulin in controlling blood sugar thus ensuring normal blood glucose level.

Garlic Flakes is a completely natural antibiotic that is stronger than penicillin!

Garlic is a great alternative for when the body becomes immune to antibiotics. Modern science has found evidence that garlic can successfully fight against the most harmful bacteria and fungus. Garlic is known for its medicinal properties since ancient times.

Fortified with prebiotics, use onion powder which will help improve your digestive system

The antibacterial components of onion can minimize bacterial growth like salmonella and E.coli. Onion is enriched with prebiotics which the ‘good bacteria’ feeds onto in the gut to help with digestion. Onion powder and garlic from garlic flake suppliers in China are also known to relieve gastric ulcers.  

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