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Chinese Garlic Price Trend Report 2024


In 2024, the price of garlic in China has shown dynamic fluctuations influenced by several factors. This report analyzes the trends observed so far and provides projections for the remainder of the year.

Current Trends

The year started with stable garlic prices due to favorable weather conditions during the planting season. However, as demand surged domestically and internationally, prices began to rise sharply in Q2. Factors such as increased export demands, currency fluctuations, and logistical challenges contributed to this upward trend.

Price Fluctuations

From January to March, garlic prices remained relatively steady, averaging around 6 CNY per kilogram. However, by April, prices began to climb, reaching a peak of 10 CNY per kilogram in May. This spike was driven by heightened export orders and tightening domestic supply.

Market Predictions

Looking ahead, experts anticipate continued volatility in garlic prices. Factors such as weather patterns during the growing season, government policies on exports, and global economic conditions will play crucial roles in shaping the market dynamics. It is projected that prices may stabilize towards the end of the year as new harvests become available.


In conclusion, the garlic market in China in 2024 reflects a complex interplay of supply, demand, and external factors. Stakeholders are advised to monitor market developments closely and adapt strategies accordingly to navigate the evolving landscape.

Image References

For visual representations of garlic price trends and market dynamics, please refer to the following URLs:

  • Garlic Price Trend Graphs
  • Market Dynamics Infographics

This report provides insights into the current and expected trends in China’s garlic market for 2024, aiming to assist stakeholders in making informed decisions.


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