Which kind of dehydrated garlic You are interested in?

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Garlic powder is ground, dehydrated garlic. It is a very common seasoning. Applications include pasta, pizza, ranch dressing and grilled chicken. Garlic salt is simply salt plus garlic powder. dried Garlic powder is a common component of the spice mix. It is also a common component of seasoned salt.

How to get to know the size with different dehydrated garlic products

  • Garlic granule size: 8-16mesh, 16-26mesh, 26-40mesh, 40-60mesh, 60-80mesh.
  • Garlic powder size: 80-100mesh, 100-120mesh.
  • Garlic flake size: 0.8-1.6mm, 1.6-2.2mm.

USA standard garlic Granules Size for you reference

  • Chopped garlic: 5-8 mesh
  • Minced garlic: 8-16mesh
  • Ground garlic : 16-26 mesh
  • Granulated garlic: 26-40 mesh and 40-60 mesh

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