china garlic powder and garlic granule supplierOur company was established in 2007 to serve the needs of vast market demand and dedicated to supplying the premium quality spices.herbs and vegetables from the source of the origin.

We have more than 20 years of procurement experience in raw material as well as technical knowledge and production expertise. Garlic known as a key ingredient in cuisine cooking and preparation has a planting history in China for more than one thousand years. Located in the core area, grown by several decades, our people in the premium growing areas -Jinxiang Town, Jining city, has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in garlic planting, harvesting, storage, processing and packaging.

On such basis, a derivative product was invented by our intelligent and diligent people, such as pickled garlic, crushed garlic, fermented garlic and dehydrated garlic for more convenient edible use. We serve from wholesale manufactures, food industrial facilities, spice packers to catering and restaurants even end users.

Our Main Products Show

We can supply garlic flakes, chopped garlic, minced garlic, ground garlic, granulated garlic and garlic powder.

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Food safety and security is always our first priority. Our strict implement of HACCP, ISO22000:2005 to comply with the stringent industry regulations and guidelines to ensure that our customer will receive shipping of best performance.

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Quality assurance is an integral part at each stage of our supply-chain. From the incoming raw material to finished products, in each step of processing, a rigorous inspection and sampling will be done to make quality consistency and the highest grade quality.

In addition, various testings including micro-organism, moisture, peanut protein allergen, sulfur dioxide but not limited to above can be done through our in-house lab, which make our quality always in compliance with customers’ requirements.

Learn About Dehydrated Processing

We process our own planting or collecting raw materials by our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities which are equipped with innovative cleaning, milling, blending and packaging systems

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Combination of the most cutting edge technologies
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We are committed to deliver to our customers who desire a finest and consistent quality of spices.

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Sustainable Angriculture Development

To maintain a consistency in high quality, we work with scientific research institution and agricultural college for safe & productive farming practices.

With a gratitude of the farm land that parenting us for several generations, we always bear in a belief that a sustainable and environmental friendly manner farming must be practiced in all activities. We educated our farmers from seed development, planting to soil condition improving, and encouraging them using renewable energy.

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You will be satisfied with our products and service.

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