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Project Description

Chilli Ring wholesale in China

Chilli ring Quality Standard: 

1) No speckle, No mould, No Aflatoxin, No Salmonella, None Ochre and Aspergillus, None Sudan red I, II, III&IX. No heavy metal, No pesticide.

2) Grade A/B/C as per chili powder shape, hot degree and color value.

3) Minimum order: 10 Tons

4) Place of origin: Xinjiang, Shandong, Henan, China.

5) Shipment: within 15 days of signing the contract, or decided by the order.

Other dehydrated chili products: Chilli crushed, Chilli powder, Chilli pods, Chilli segament, Chilli ring.

 Name Dehydrated Red Chili Pepper Ring, Dry Chili pepper ring
 Color Natural red
 Particle Size
 Flavor Typical of Chilli, free of other smell
 Hot Degree  5000-30000 shu
 Foreign Material  Negative
 Quality No Speckle, No Mould, No Aflation, No Ochratoxin, No Salmonela
 Moisture 14% max
 Seeds  1% max
 SO2 30ppm max
 Ash 7% max
 Mould and Yeast
 100cfu/g max
 Standard Plate Count 300,000cfu/g max
 Total Coliforms 100mpn/g
 E.Coli 3mpn/g
 Shelf life 2 years

1. Inner packing: 25 Kg/50lb in HDPE Laminated Paper Bags with liner
2. Outer packing: 25KG carton or 50LB Paper Kraft Bag
3. Loading: 3.5MT/20’ FCL.
4. Delivery time: within 15-30 working days after get the deposit. 

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