August 2018

Dried ginger powder benefit & ginger powder tea

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dried ginger powder tea

Ginger powder improves sleep

Ginger powder soaking feet can stimulate the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet and enhance the metabolism of each system, thus relaxing and relieving fatigue. Ginger powder can improve sleep quality.

Ginger powder can help prevent colds.

Soak two tablespoons of ginger powder in water (about 40 degrees water temperature) to soak the feet of cold patients. Ginger powder can effectively prevent further development of symptoms and prevent colds. Even if you don’t have a cold, ginger powder can also play a role in colds.

Ginger powder cools and refreshes appetite

Ginger powder has excitement, perspiration, cooling, refreshing and other effects during hot weather; ginger powder can relieve fatigue, fatigue, anorexia, insomnia, abdominal distension, abdominal pain and other symptoms.

Ginger powder also has stomach and appetite, and the pain, vomiting, pantothenic acid, hunger, etc. caused by gastritis and gastroduodenal ulcer can be used to drink 50 grams of ginger powder, which can quickly eliminate the symptoms.

Ginger powder beauty anti-aging

Ginger powder contains a salicylic acid-like compound, which is equivalent to blood thinner and anticoagulant. Ginger powder has a special effect on lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure and preventing myocardial infarction, and can prevent aging.

Ginger powder is anti-oxidant and inhibits tumor

The structure of gingerol and diphenylheptane compounds contained in ginger powder has strong anti-oxidation and scavenging free radical action; inhibits tumor function; eating ginger powder can resist aging, and elderly people often eat ginger powder. In addition to “old age spots.”

Ginger powder anti-motion sickness

Ginger powder can relieve headaches, dizziness, nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of motion sickness, and the efficacy can last for more than 4 hours.

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chopped garlic cloves

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chopped garlic clovesThe Chopped garlic produced by our company is made of high quality garlic after careful peeling, panning, roasting, selection, grinding, screening and grading, packaging and other processes.
The ancient city brand garlic color is yellowish and bright, no black. Point, moisture content is less than 6%, low sulfur content, sulfur dioxide content is less than 50PPM, no pesticide residues, microbiological testing does not exceed the standard, no food additives are added

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Ginger granule tea from china.

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Ginger granules tea

Ginger granules tea is a kind of drink. Use a little tea, a few slices of ginger, peeled and decoction, and drink after meals. It can be used for sweating, warming the lungs and relieving cough, and has obvious effects on influenza, typhoid and cough.

Drinking ginger granules tea after a meal has the effect of sweating, warming and relieving cough, which is beneficial for treating flu, typhoid and cough.

Ginger granules tea is also a favorite drink of the British, and it is similar to the Chinese ginger soup. The practice of British ginger tea is very simple. Just put a piece of fresh ginger when making tea, and then add sugar to it for more than ten minutes.

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June 2018

How to make Granulated onion ?

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Dehydrated granulated onion of the processing technology including material selection, finishing, cutting, cleaning, color protection, rejection of water, dehydration, product selection, moisture balance, packaging and so on.

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Do you know onion powder ?

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dehydrated onion powder Onion powder can be applied to both seasoning additives and health foods. Onion powder itself has prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, its allicin has a strong bactericidal ability, can prevent colds, lower blood pressure, prevent thrombosis and other effects. Regular consumption of high blood pressure, high blood lipids and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular patients have a health effect.

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March 2018

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